Sunday, 7 April 2013

Ancient Meditation

Observing the breath with deep concentration leads to deep meditation. Sit on a firm surface. Spine erect in line of neck and head in straight vertical line. Hands placed comfortably. Clothes should be loose. Take deep breaths five times. Close the eyes. You should not be disturbed till the end of meditation.Keep attention at the entrance of the nostrils. Observe the passing out an in of the breath. Try to bring attention again and again at the entrance of the nose. Keep on doing this half an hour in the morning and evening. Soon you will find out first head region and later whole body loose sensation and you are in complete silence and you are in depth of meditation.Along with the practice try to reduce desires and wants so that the number of thoughts is reduced. You will feel relaxed and this practice is good for those with too much emotions or depression

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