Saturday, 13 April 2013

How can we change.?



To reach the correct  teacher only divinity can help.So pray to divinity to identify the correct teacher.

Friday, 12 April 2013

Habits.Why we think and act.

We have a large quantum of sunken thoughts and images in our mind related to our natural instincts and desires arising from the five senses sensing light,sound,odor,taste and touch.If these desires are deep rooted habits are formed.Habits are the number one obstacle to spiritual development.
     The changes can be gradual only.By meditation one can remove these sunken thoughts and habits.
We should remove each difficulty one by one which are ingrained in our consciousness.
      When we are deep in meditation let go or become aware of  and try to shrink out the particular habit mentally or by giving suggestions to the deeper mind.

Tuesday, 9 April 2013

Pranic Force in the Human System.

There is tangible energy in the Human system.It courses from Agna Chakra(center of brain down to the spine Up to the Mooladhara Chakra(coccyx).

All this emery normally flows down for digestion,elimination,and excretion and reproduction.This down flowing energy is called Samana in Sanskrit language.Man is occupied almost all time with this energy.

When there is creativity,spiritual activity and yoga energy starts to flow upwards.This up flowing energy is called Prana in Sanskrit language.

On reversing the path of inhalation upwards in pranayama(breathing practice great energy is released in reversing samana and energy gets stored mainly in brain and spinal cord.

Thus gradually the pull of the senses gets released from the consciousness and pure consciousness starts to manifest.



.Eternal existence of consciousness can be reasoned out.Our mind is same when we are young and old.Only thought pattern and experience is added on.Consciousness is same.

Consciousness and matter exists together to manifest in the phenomenal world.Consciousness can exist alone as we perceive in deep meditation but matter cannot exist without consciousness.

Monday, 8 April 2013

 Silencing Mind

.Where do the silence of mind reside? When we do japa IE repeating the divine words there is a silent area in between two words.There lies the area for soul.We should try to expand that area so that the silent area expands to 12 to 15 minutes then we are in Samadhi.
Our mind goes on talking to ourselves.This means that we goes on weaving dreams and travel to imaginary worlds.Emotions images streaming thoughts make up the mind.When these modalities cease mind cease to exist.An enlightens soul can think when he wants to think.As we progress in meditation the number of thoughts progressively reduces.When it becomes standstill the soul manifests.Its benefit is that we are away from disturbing and haunting thoughts.These whirling thoughts wraps the jiva and make it travel to different worlds in the future time to come.

Sunday, 7 April 2013

Third eye

Third Eye.In the forehead in between the eye brows there is a great spiritual centre.It is the place of will for the man,This centre can be developed by Jyothy mudra.In the beginning it is seen as light. As we  proceed day by day the intensity of light increases.Then later on we are able to see the rims of a golden ring. Then as we proceed the entire ring of gold of incomparable beauty with sky blue interior.I have seen this much.Later on I have feeling of development of thousand petaled  Lotus on my cranium.I am feeling as though I am breathing with my brain.Often I can feel 10th gate at the top of the head.

Ancient Meditation

Observing the breath with deep concentration leads to deep meditation. Sit on a firm surface. Spine erect in line of neck and head in straight vertical line. Hands placed comfortably. Clothes should be loose. Take deep breaths five times. Close the eyes. You should not be disturbed till the end of meditation.Keep attention at the entrance of the nostrils. Observe the passing out an in of the breath. Try to bring attention again and again at the entrance of the nose. Keep on doing this half an hour in the morning and evening. Soon you will find out first head region and later whole body loose sensation and you are in complete silence and you are in depth of meditation.Along with the practice try to reduce desires and wants so that the number of thoughts is reduced. You will feel relaxed and this practice is good for those with too much emotions or depression

Saturday, 6 April 2013

Pranayama and Asanas

Learning yoga is easy but regularly doing it daily is the key of success in building the pranic force in the Human system.